About Tamara Canup

Once upon a time, in rural Alabama, a child was born.


She was wild and wooly from conception, bound and determined to stay within her mother’s womb until she was literally laughed out.

She refused to eat and refused to sleep. She pulled away from nursing to catch glimpses of the world around her. (She still forgets to eat.)

The world was her playground and her childhood was decidedly gypsy and full of wanderlust.

She played with sheep in Scotland, hedgehogs in England, ring tailed lemurs in Panama, scorpions in Texas, snow in Colorado, and the beach in the Carolinas.

She played away her entire childhood and it was glorious.

And when she was done playing, she started writing.

The writing opened her heart and her doors to every corner of her creative spirit.


So she painted.


And then she sewed.

And then she did all of those things, plus a few more for fun.

Today she plays a Mother, a wife, and an artist. She plays a friend and neighbor. She plays a volunteer and  small business advocate.


But, most importantly, she plays herself.


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