Folk artist and sewer of pretty things, based in Athens, Alabama.

I am a former military brat and homeschooled weirdo. I spent the majority of my childhood roaming the English countryside, chasing kudamundis (ring tailed lemurs) away from trash cans during my family’s years in Panama, and constructing sets and writing plays for my siblings and I to reenact for our parents in the evenings after dinner. I also grew up in a fiercely religious environment, with early memories of attending and walking in Pro-Life rallies in San Antonio, and touring the East coast with a Christian singing group in my late teens. Today I’m a Mom, homeschooler and Unchurched Christian, navigating marriage and my own self-discovery, one meltdown and fit of sewing frenzy at a time.

My artwork is currently featured on http://www.yancyandyancy.com, Yancy & Yancy’s album of the same name, and Yancy & Yancy And The Good’uns album “Kitchen Sink Sessions”, to be released Autumn 2013.  I take commissions as well as sell other original pieces, including hand painted vintage suitcases, clutches, shoes, and guitar cases.

My art ranges from pop to folk art, using watercolors and acrylics together, and on occasion picking up a can of spray paint for something new. I sew things that are pretty, but functional, and are made ONLY from second hand fabric and embellishments.


My few of my favorite artists are:

Mike Egan

Katie Daisy

Kaycee Anseth

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