Overcoming Creative Lack

After the first of the year, I had a tough time coming back to sewing and creating. Not for lack of want, but lack of time and ability. We had a difficult Winter that left me a bit dazed and emotionally drained. I know in my heart of hearts, this is the time to create beauty with my hands, for it is so good for my soul. But, as I am want to do, instead I filled my time with other things. Important things, mind you. But, other things.

One of these other things was my daughter’s bedroom. We live in a beautiful historic Craftsman Bungalow we’re in the process of fixing up. For now, we’re taking on small projects (new water heater, new blinds, new light fixtures, new appliances, new paint, new floors) but eventually we plan to do the big things (repair foundation, gut both bathrooms and kitchen, rebuild back deck, rebuild upstairs attic conversion). All through the month of March I focused on her room (the attic conversion) and it’s about 95% done.


I still need to bring her refinished bed upstairs (it’s sooooo pretty!!), and make some sense of all her stuff, and hang pictures, but it’s coming along. Thankfully, the main bulk of it is done.

The other thing I did, was create this beautiful front door decor for my mother.


Then, I started learning how to play the ukulele (something I’ve always wanted to do). So, I did. I now know a ton of covers, plus have much of my original songwriting I’ve had sitting around for years put to music, and in May I’ll be playing my first live show in Memphis. (HOLY wow it feels unreal saying that.)


And, of course, I’ve been taking a TON of photos along the way, most of which you can find on my Instagram. Here are a few of my absolute favorites.



And last, but certainly not least, I was featured over on TipsyLit.com during their Childrens Lit week and I shared a bit about my life as a (not yet published) childrens author/illustrator, and I also worked on one of my stories.


So, maybe I was creative this Spring. Not as creative and productive as I would have liked, but maybe there are seasons for hyper creativity, and maybe there are seasons of rest and recovery. I feel like last Summer was a season of inspiration and self discovery, last Fall was a season of learning and planning, Winter was a season of challenge and difficulty, and this Spring is a season of rest and recovery.

Last year I wanted to be ready to launch my Etsy shop and open my booth at our local farmer’s market. I don’t see that happening this Spring. It’s disappointing, but a part of me feels like it’s not yet my time. Not for lack of hope, lack of determination, lack of want…but for lack of opportunity and time. And maybe lack of God’s blessing. I know He wants what’s best for me. And I know He wants me to use my gifts and abilities. So, I have to also know that when the time is right, it’s right. When it’s the season for that, it’s the season.

Until then, please bare with me. And thank you all for coming along for the ride as you have. I’m convinced I know the very best humans around. Each of you prove it to me every single day.

Special shout out to Emily at The Waiting, Stella who founded The Common Gentlewoman, and Anna of Anna’s Makeup Oasis . All of these women have been privy to my various projects (and some of my darkest and most difficult moments this past year), and have been nothing short of emotional cheerleaders. They each inspire me to be a better writer and better human, and they really don’t know how much their constant support has meant to me. If you don’t know these women, go acquaint yourself. You’ll be glad you did. (I really DO know the best humans.)

Thank you all for the love. May the rest of this season bring life and love abundance.