The Give And Take Of Creativity

For a person driven by their creative spirits, the dream is to eventually find a way to support yourself and your family through your creative endeavors. And for many of us, it takes time to really understand our art’s worth and understand that we shouldn’t allow others to devalue what we create and the amount of work it takes to create those things. But it’s also crucial to the development of our HUMAN spirits to give of ourselves creatively, just as much as we expect to get for our creativity.

This past week I used my creative abilities and some of the tools I have at my disposal to help create an online presence (website design,¬†editing/copy, ect.)¬†for one of my parents, and some poster designs for a dear friend. I did these things for free, even though I would charge for that work if it were anyone else and could probably charge pretty well for it. But, I realize I must maintain a sense of balance in my creative life: sometimes I will expect to take something in exchange for my talents, but sometimes I can’t expect anything in return and give of myself and my talents freely.

More important that creating a career in the arts, I’m creating a full life. And part of that is nursing kindness and a giving nature. Make sure you’re taking time to give, even if you could be taking. Make sure you’re putting good out into the Universe, and know that good will always return.