The Waiting Giveaway!!!

My beautiful friend, Emily, the blog wrangler over at The Waiting, is a dear and delightful soul, and this week she’s being kind enough to host a giveaway of a BEAUTIFUL bunting of mine over at her blog!! This go ’round, I’ve created an incredible, upcycled, lace and twine bunting called, “White Christmas”, but really, you can use it in any season! And it’s delightful.



For giveaway details, you can follow this link to The Waiting Blog and by the way, once you get there, go ahead and give that woman a follow because Emily is a WordPress Recommended Family Blog, she’s been Freshly Pressed multiple times, she’s regularly featured on BlogHer, AND she’s been featured on WordPress’ The Daily Post.

Basically, she’s kind of a big deal. And this giveaway is also big! So join the fun and try your hand and winning this lovely bunting!!!